Eli Bremer

Olympian, entrepreneur, consultant

Eli Bremer is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in high-impact business activities.  Eli's background as an Olympian and Air Force Academy graduate taught him the value of hard work as well as the importance of taking calculated risks.  

Eli grew up in Monument Colorado and entered the Air Force Academy in 1996.  At the Academy, he made the Superintendents List (honors in academics, military, and athletics) four semesters and served in numerous leadership roles.  He lettered in swimming and fencing while also making the finals at the Junior World Championships in pentathlon. 

After graduation from the Academy, Eli was stationed at Schriever AFB where he worked multi-million dollar contract procurement for the Air Force.  Always looking for disruptive opportunities, Eli created a systematized expedited contract program that reduced contract time by 90% or more. 

During the 2004 Olympics, Eli worked for NBC as a Color Commentator, the 2nd youngest on-air talent at the Olympics. 

From 2004-2005, Eli's work for the Air Force included procuring support systems for some of the marquee space systems (GPS, MILSTAR) run by the US military. 

By 2006, Eli was soaring in the Pentathlon World Ranking peaking at #2 in the fall of that year.  His success continued as he scored an important win at Pan Am Games in 2007 earning one of the first Olympic slots for the 2008 Olympics.

In 2008, Eli was ranked in the top 10 in the World but had a disappointing Olympics after a catastrophic horseback riding accident hospitalized Eli just over a week before the competition.  Two months later, Eli won a Bronze Medal at the World Cup Final, the top individual medal won by a US athlete since 1979.  

In 2012, Eli again worked for NBC as a Color Commentator for the London Olympics.  In 2013, Eli retired from pentathlon after qualifying for 12 World Teams, winning 3 Pan American Championships, and numerous other major awards.

In 2011, Eli founded the Pure Performance Team, a sponsorship program for Shaklee Corporation.  This direct-to-athlete type program is unique and gives major brands the opportunity to connect with large numbers of athletes.  By the 2014 Olympics, the Pure Performance Team had over 10% of the US Olympic Winter athletes.  Pure Performance has been successfully used by Shaklee globally for almost five years.

Also in 2011, Eli co-founded Socon Media, a software development company.  Socon Media moved into medical communications in 2014 under the name Socon Health.  The company is currently being incubated with the support of Innosphere, Colorado's marquee technology incubator.

In 2015, Eli began working with Rick Broome, world famous aviation artist and constant fixture at the Air Force Academy.  Eli helped Rick consolidate his business, re-capitalize, and create a larger company with expanded purpose of promoting fine art at the Air Force Academy.  The new company, AFA Creations, now works closely with numerous stakeholders at the Academy to support the institution while generating a profit.

Eli works with numerous political and public figures on issues as diverse as strategy development to fundraising to image consulting.  Currently, Eli is working on a platform that will increase awareness of national security issues facing America. 

On a personal level, Eli has been married to Cami Bremer since 2003 and they have a young son, Struthers, who was born in November 2014.  Eli's parents live in Colorado while Cami is from Georgia.  Eli's uncle, Ambassador L. Paul Bremer, is a world famous diplomat who oversaw the reconstruction of Iraq in 2003-2004.

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